Bamboo Straw Girl - Beechwood Safety Razor (Double Edge) in POUCH with 3 Replacement Blades


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Replace your disposable razors!

It's no secret that big corporations have perfected the art of the disposable!

Disposable razors seem like the cheaper option, but in the long term, the environmental and monetary cost sure add up! 

What is a double edge blade razor?

A double-edge blade razor is a single blade which works on either side of the shaver head. The double-edge blade gives a smoother, cleaner shave as compared to multi-bladed razors (most often the disposable type). This is because multi-bladed razors tend to go over the skin multiple times. In doing so, one blade pulls the hair up and the other blades cut through the hair.

This can cause hair under the epidermis to be affected, which increases the risk of ingrown hair. The double-edge razor is single-blade. The best way to use this razor is to simply allow the weight of the razor to do its work, without putting pressure on the skin. This allows the hairs to be cut without being pulled and reduces the risk of skin irritation!