Angie's Tempeh - Organic Buckwheat 200g


Buckwheat has been a popular ingredient for thousands of years – packed with nutrients minus the hefty calories. Angie’s Buckwheat Tempeh is great introductory tempeh that's not only guilt-free, but is also that is gluten-free, low in fat, and full of flavour!

    SKU: ANGIE-03

    Organic buckwheat, Tempeh culture (Rhizopus oligosporous), filtered water. 

    Allergen: may contain traces of Soy

    Angie recommends cooking the tempeh within 1 week from delivery, storing it in the chiller at 0-4°C. For longer storage, store tempeh in the freezer (-12°C and below). Before cooking, thaw the tempeh in the chiller for 1-2 hours, and cook immediately after.