Noosh - Almond Milk Base


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Product Expiry: 11/11/2023

Noosh Barista Blend AlmondMilk is specifically formulated for at-home or professional baristas. Like our original AlmondMilk, the Barista Blend is an almondmilk concentrate you can make at home in seconds. However, our Barista Blend is specially formulated for frothing and steaming for use in coffee drinks like lattes, cappuccinos and café mochas. With its creamy taste, it pairs well with hot and cold drinks. It is the perfect dairy-free alternative for coffee lovers. 

Instead of blending, this can also be used as an unsweetened “condensed milk” option! For those who want a healthier substitute, opt for this unsweetened condensed milk alternative. It can be a big game-changer in your life.