OASIS Beauty Kitchen - Head to Toe Magic Powder Wash - Detox Juice - 25g


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Just add water to watch the powder turn to foam! This is a gentle daily powder wash that can be used as a shampoo, facial and body wash. Made with gentle cleansing agents, natural actives and organic essential oils, this vegan cleanser will provide a smooth creamy lather to help lift off daily grime and leave your skin and hair smooth and silky. This is so handy, you can bring it everywhere with you. Even on the plane!

Detox Juice: Cucumber + Orange + Mint
Enjoy your daily bath time with this juicy blend of organic cucumber extracts, orange peel and mint oil.

As a face & body wash - Promotes overall radiance and helps to soothe skin irritation and dryness.
As a shampoo ‚Äď Its rich Vitamin C content can help to naturally enhance hair highlights and protect against dandruff.

1) Wet face, hair, hands and skin thoroughly.
2) Pour out an appropriate amount of powder and add water to lather.
3) Massage directly onto skin and scalp to cleanse and rinse off after.