Purnama - Alex Tote Bag - Green


Alex Tote Bag is the ultimate go-to everyday bag, perfect for all. It's made from upcycled and sustainable materials. The designs are timeless and minimalistic and are made to last.

There's enough space to carry everything, even your tumbler or water bottle! Complete with padded pockets that can fit laptops and tablets up to 13 inches, you can also take this bag to work. This tote bag is convenient and reliable whether you're at work or off-duty, daytime or nighttime.

The eye-catching and unique front pocket, made from upcycled tire innertube and lined with traditional Indonesian Lurik fabric,ย is perfect to carry small items like keys, phones, or your masks and hand-sanitizer.

Upcycled Tire Innertube
Repurposed army tent
Traditional Indonesian Lurik fabric lining
New Materials include cotton straps, buckles, and zipper
Water-resistant, easy to clean and maintain
Includes adjustable & detachable strap

Dimensions (at approximate)
length 22.5 cm or 8.9 inches
width 10.5 cm or 4.1 inches
height 35 cm or 13.8 inches
length of detachable strap 84 cm or 33 inches
height of shoulder strap 18 cm or 7 inches

Brand Story

Purnama means "full moon" in Bahasa Indonesia, and we hope to provide light and opportunity for those in need. We are a slow fashion brand committed to environmental sustainability and social impact, and our upskilling and education outreach programs provide opportunities for positive change throughout Asia. We are on a mission to heal the planet we love - one tire innertube, single-use plastic bag, and plant-based dye process at a time. We can only achieve this with your help - join us in our mission to make Planet Earth a better place for everyone.