Purnama - Rae Organizer Bag - Red


Rae Organizer Bag

This sustainable eco-friendly bag is perfect for your electronic gadgets to keep them organized at your desk, as you move around in your home office, or when in office from meeting room to another.

Tips Fantastic use to stay sorted during travel and around town!

We have made this sustainable and fashionable design for the world.

This unique organizer bag comfortably fits your smartphone, charging block, a regular size head-set, multiple USB cables, and your writing materials (plus if you need your powder and lipstick for your touch-ups, go for it!).

Color Black (not altered from raw materials)
2 Colors on Artwork Brick Red and Forest Green
Carefully Hand-cut
Suitable for Vegan
Material ~70% Upcycled with
Tire Innertube
New Material for padding and lining
Dimensions (at approximate) 16.5cm x 20.5cm x 5cm
Mesh Panel
Top – mesh for visibility, breathability and to keep the bag lightweight. The mesh is comfortably thin yet high quality to hold up for heavy constant use.
Bottom – mesh with padding to provide security on particular electronics, like your smartphone.

Brand Story

Purnama means "full moon" in Bahasa Indonesia, and we hope to provide light and opportunity for those in need. We are a slow fashion brand committed to environmental sustainability and social impact, and our upskilling and education outreach programs provide opportunities for positive change throughout Asia. We are on a mission to heal the planet we love - one tire innertube, single-use plastic bag, and plant-based dye process at a time. We can only achieve this with your help - join us in our mission to make Planet Earth a better place for everyone.