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🎉 Exciting News! 🎉 We are thrilled to announce that our beloved VIP𝑒𝒶 Pass is getting a makeover! We're transforming it into the Everyday Vegan Discount Club to offer you even more value. Be a part of this incredible journey by supporting our crowdfunding campaign. Be a backer today! 🌱✨

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The VIP𝑒𝒶 Pass is your ticket to Singapore's most affordable and widest selection of vegan groceries! Sign up now, and get instant access to:

✅ 30% off fresh produce
✅ 30% off scoop station
✅ 20% off everything else
✅ 25% on all new arrivals
✅ Exclusive access to the bulk discount page
✅ 15% off sustainable wares & accessories from the marketplace

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
I’m not vegan but I’m VIPea :)

I’m vegetarian & I was often curious about the various vegan cheeses, foods etc but often found them expensive. So Started off on a monthly one, thinking I’ll see how it goes.

Guess what! I have now been on the annual for a long time - the discounts have let me try different things (fun!). It’s also helped me eat vegan more easily more often.

Amanda & her fab team said I’ve saved over $300 to date, which is awesome. Be warned tho! Getting the VIPea you’ll end up buying more stuff to try (I do eat/ use them all), but then that is part of the wonderful experience :)

Rachel Trezoglou
Such a lifeSAVER!

Everyday Vegan VIPea discount has saved us so much money and we love that this company aligns with our family values❤️We have been enjoying this special discount for a year now and already have saved more than 1000$🙈we enjoy all the new products and fresh organic produce!

Dorra Sayadi
A worthy subscription!

I've been an EVG customer since the beginning. All the team members have been nothing but welcoming and generous. Amanda has the kindest of hearts and I'm happy I got to try so many vegan products that otherwise I wouldn't have the chance to if it wasn't for EVG 💚

Qianru Debbie Yong

I've been a VIPea for almost one year now and here are three reasons why I love this membership program:

1) I've saved $800 buying plant-based groceries over the past year.

2) EVG delivery is the best--frozen items are delivered to my doorstep in solid frozen condition. This is very important to me and I appreciate the effort the team takes to make this happen.

3) My favourite part of being a member is that I get to try fun, new products at 25% off.

It really makes me happy to support Amanda and her amazing team. Hope to see more products soon!

Sai Venkatram
Always open to feedback

We never miss consuming dairy products- thanks to Everyday Vegan Grocer.
I’ve been a regular customer of Everyday Vegan since the last 4+ years; and the range of products they’ve introduced is truly amazing! The VIPea pass has some great discounts, added to delivering bulky items at your doorstep.
Amanda and her team are always open to feedback, and are earnest in endeavouring to provide 💯 customer satisfaction.
I’d totally vouch for Everyday Vegan Grocer to not only being the trusted source to procure plant-based items, but also for introducing consumers to an array of plant-based products whilst standing by their principles of making the 🌎 a better place to live by protecting the voiceless.