Grocery Subscription Bundle


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Enjoy greater savings & ultimate convenience with weekly deliveries of fresh produce and pantry staples. Over 50 varieties of fresh organic produce to choose from including unique seasonal and heirloom varieties, vegan staples (such as nuts, seeds, oats, rice, milk, and butter), and specials of the week. 

How does it work? 

1. Select your preferred bundle size. 

Size For?
Solo 1 adult, cooks 2-3 days/ week
Solo+ 1 adult, cooks 5 days/ week
Couple 2 adults, cooks 2-3 days/ week
Couple+ 2 adults, cooks 5 days/ week
Family 2 adults & 1 to 2 children, cooks 5 days/ week

2. Choose your payment plan. Flexible payment options mean you can choose to pay-as-you-go, or enjoy greater savings when you pre-pay for monthly or quarterly packages. 

3. Check-out and choose your delivery slot! We deliver 7 days a week, mornings (10 am-12.30 pm) or afternoons (2-6 pm).