Rumi - Yoga Tote


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Swap out your daily bag for this one! Designed to be ergonomically balanced on your shoulder, this yoga mat bag is stylish & sleek with extra space for a change of clothes and a pocket for small items.

Why buy? Simple & stylish tote that won't look out of place when you wear a dress!

Good for? Anything and everything, not just your mat.

  • 100% cotton
  • Carry your mat along with phone & small items whilst you walk hands-free.
  • Biodegradable: After living out its life as a yoga bag, if you choose to discard it, it will re-integrate back into earth within a very short span.

Brand Story

Touch the toes started in 2011 as Singapore's first eco yoga shop with a mission to provide sustainable and earth-friendly options to its customers. The brand carefully curates its products for their design and high function, prioritizing both people and the environment. From grippy yoga mats to soft workout wear, everything is made with conscious quality and transparency in sourcing and production. TTT ties their work with the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals, focusing on responsible consumption, zero poverty, and climate action. By purchasing from TTT, customers can reduce their plastic and carbon footprint while supporting fair trade labor and a greener earth.