New Year’s Everyday Vegan Raffle Promo

We are kicking off 2021 with an exciting raffle draw competition. For the entire month of January, we will be featuring:

Weekly Raffle Draw

You get 1 chance to win an Everyday Vegan gift set (worth $50) for every $50 spent.

Winners also gets to spread the Everyday Vegan cheer by getting to send a gift set (also worth $50) to a friend or family member.

Grand Draw

The final end-of-month grand prize is a 1 year premium Everyday Vegan membership (worth $480).

The yet-to-be launched premium membership gives customers exclusive access to discounted pre-orders of new product launches, and store-wide 20% discounts (terms and conditions apply).

Competition Mechanics

  • The winner will be picked by random during a live draw every Sunday at 12pm. 

  • Every customer is entitled to 1 chance for every order above $50 he or she places in that week. 

  • For the grand draw, a customer is entitled to 1 chance for every order he or she places in that month.

  • Winners will be announced on the live draw, and will be personally contacted by our customer service representative. 

What if I don’t want the prize? 

If you do not want the prize, you can choose to donate in equivalent cash value to ACRES. ACRES is a local non-profit focused on providing sanctuary and rehabilitation to wildlife rescues.

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