WellSmoocht Cookies - Chocolate Sour Plum Cookies (116g)


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Indulge in the unique fusion of East and West flavors with Wellsmoocht's Chocolate Sour Plum Cookies. Crafted in the kitchen of one of Singapore's first fully vegan eateries, these delicious treats are the perfect guilt-free snack.

With their combination of traditional chocolate and the savory sweetness of preserved sour plums, these cookies are a true culinary masterpiece. They are made with healthier, preservative-free, and plant-based ingredients.

Experience the goodness that comes from Wellsmoocht's kitchen with each bite of these delicious cookies. With their reputation for creating mouth-watering vegan dishes, you can be sure that Chocolate Sour Plum Cookies are a true culinary delight. So why not try them today and savor the unique and delicious flavors that come from this amazing East-meets-West fusion?