3i - Black Water Fulvic Trace Mineral Water (600mL)


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3i Black Water contains a unique blend of Fulvic trace minerals resulting in a plethora of health benefits and a pH of 8.5+

Our product meets the demands of the modern health-conscious consumer by providing a fulvic supplement that replaces the lost nutrient content found in todays mass-produced foods.

Our water contains no fluoride, no chlorine, no sugar, no taste. That’s right, just like water!

A great supplement for your diet.

Fulvic acid is a key component found in organic matter. It is created when organic matter decomposes in soil. Millions of beneficial microbes are released during this process, enhancing the healthy components of the substance. It contains a variety of beneficial nutrients and is considered as one of the most chemically active compounds in soil. That’s what makes it black!

3i Black Water is dedicated to providing the community with an all natural product that promotes good health and wellbeing.

3i Black Water is proudly Australian owned and operated, dedicated to delivering a premium product to our consumers. The awesome benefits of our unique fulvic trace mineral blend in areas such as digestive health, cell hydration, nutrition absorption rates and maintaining a balanced pH is what makes 3i Black Water so powerful.
We use pure water that is free of the nasty chemicals found in tap water such as fluoride and chlorine, and combine it with our 100%
natural fulvic trace mineral blend.


3i Black Water consists of 2 ingredients: distilled (evaporated) rainwater from Melbourne & our unique fulvic trace mineral complex which is naturally black.

3i Black Water’s fulvic trace mineral complex is extracted from deep in the earth where an old ocean bed once existed. The fulvic trace minerals extracted from the deposit are over 33 million years old and contain 72+ trace minerals.

Fulvic acids are created from the natural breakdown of organic matter by microorganisms in the soil. Once coupled with minerals, they are highly stable, water-soluble, function at a broad pH range, and are known as fulvic minerals.

Fulvic acids can also exist in free form, un-chelated to a mineral. The complex fulvic acid structure, with groups of organic acids and other plant-origin micronutrients, acts as a catalyst for many health supplements and sports nutrition products by helping the body transfer nutrients and antioxidants into the cells.

The more antioxidants available in the body, the easier it is for the cells to create more mitochondria. More mitochondria mean more ATP, more energy, build muscle, burn fat, communicate stress signals, and provide stress recovery. Free radicals cause cell damage. Antioxidants neutralise free radicals for reuse or to easily eliminate them.

What makes 3i Black Water unique is the method in which the fulvic trace minerals are extracted and the absence of chemicals needed to refine the ingredients. Due to the source of our raw materials being underground, it doesn’t contain the impurities found at high altitudes as other fulvic extracts can.

The blend of fulvic minerals used in 3i Black Water is extracted through a reverse osmosis water process.

The aim is to keep the product as close to its natural form so you can enjoy the unique experience!

Every bottle contains a maintenance dose of fulvic trace minerals.