Aknederm - Creme H. Tinted Spot Treatment for all skin types 30mL


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Product Expiry: 31/12/2023

Aknederm Creme H spot treatment with an extra portion of shale oil from the French Alps, zinc, microporous kaolin, oat oil, almond oil, olive oil, and light tint covers your skin’s blemishes and treats them at the same time. The formulation is fragrance-free, anti-seborrheic, reduces redness and kills bad bacteria, a common cause for skin impurities. Aknederm Creme H covers skin impurities, such as pimples, blackheads and reddened skin immediately, while simultaneously working on the root cause to clear your skin and keep it clear.

High quality shale oil from the French Alps is oxygen and nutrients richt, inhabits the growth of micro organisms, such as bad bacteria, a common cause for skin impurities and even acne. It reduces inflammation and relieves redness.

Microporous kaolin absorbs excess skin oils, smoothes skin and leaves a matte finish.

Oat oil relieves itchiness, calms and reinforces your skin’s barrier.

Almond oil is deeply hydrating, improves cell turnover and helps to reverses sun damage.

Olive oil is rich in vitamin A, D, E & K, prevents damaging to your skin by ultra-violet radiation from sun exposure, deeply nourishes and moisturises your skin.

Aknederm Creme H absorbs quickly, has an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effect and conceals, while it fights skin blemishes, reddened and angry skin outbreaks.


Use this creamy formulation punctual on blemishes, pimples, breakouts, blackheads or skin inflammations. Can also be used as overnight treatment to clear up strong blemished skin or mixed into your favourite foundation, Aknederm Lotion or Lotion F to help with blemished skin during the day.