ALMIGHTY - Organic Juice, Beetroot Blackcurrant Ginger, 300ml

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Enjoy a bottle of Organic Beetroot Black current Ginger Juice for home, or the office, or wherever else you might like a fridge-full!

There’s so much depth to beetroot, tough on the outside and hot-pink and purple on the inside. We only use premium, organic beets from Canterbury, New Zealand, paired with organic blackcurrants grown by our mates at Viberi (Pleasant Point, NZ). We add a hit of superfood ginger to keep things earthy and marry together the deliciously purple fruits & veggies. 

A delicious, balanced juice with a hint of zing that everyone can palette. The veggies in this juice keep it low in natural sugars (6.07g/100ml).

3C from every bottle is donated to support edible education programms in schools.