Artisan Green - Baby Spinach


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Product Expiry: 05/07/2022

Locally grown in Kallang! Artisan Green Baby Spinach is tender and sweet. 100% Pesticide Free. By creating the perfect environment for our crops to grow in, we are able to provide fresher and better-tasting produce right from our farm to your plate. Our pesticide-free cultivation methods ensure that you will be having the cleanest spinach on the market with every single bite

Spinach is a nutrient dense vegetable that is especially high in protein and fibre content while being low in calories. Our spinach variety was also selected for being sweeter in taste and having a soft yet fuller bite so it can be enjoyed as a salad on its own. Smoothies, salads or in pastas are some ways to include baby spinach.

Storage: Store chilled at 1-5 degree celsius