Bamboo Straw Girl - Thermal Stainless Steel Flask with Bamboo Cap 500ml


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Each stainless steel flask comes with a special message on its cap, hopefully to inspire you on your eco journey! We choose a random message for you. If you would like a specific one, let us know in the check out notes and we will try our best to get that design for you!

Keep your drinks hot or cold for hours on the go with our thermal flask!

Choose thermal if you: like having hot coffee or tea on the go, carry your bottle in your bag and don't want your cold drinks to "sweat" and get other items wet.

Messages on bottle caps:

  • I wanna love you and treat you right (Please tell us you sang that in your head - Bob Marley's Is This Love - our love song to our Earth! Treat her right, everyone!)
  • Turn, turn, turn (One of Bamboo Straw Girl's favourite songs by Pete Seeger: " To everything (turn, turn, turn); There is a season (turn, turn, turn); And a time to every purpose under heaven" 
  • Take deep breaths and long walks
  • Love the earth and each other
  • Let's get together and feel alright (Another Bob Marley favourite)
  • Breathe in, breathe out