Creative Nature - Wholegrain Banana Bread Mix 250g


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Our Banana Bread Mix is free from the Top 14 Allergens (and coconut free too!), Wholegrain, Refined Sugar & Sweetener Free.  

This Banana Bread Mix is vegan friendly, dairy free and also nut free.  
This mix encourages you to use the old, brown bananas that you might normally throw away, so it’s helping you save money and reduce waste, as well as tasting amazing! Are you in a time crunch and want to make a lovely loaf of banana bread at home with no fuss? Well then this is the perfect mix for you!  

Everything needed is written on the back of pack, pre-measured and put into our cute little pouches, the mix is fool proof. There’s a vegan recipe on pack!  
Whether you suffer from allergies, coeliac disease, gluten and/or dairy intolerance- this baking mix allows you to enjoy the classic home-baked masterpiece without having to worry about any adverse reactions!   

Enjoy this delicious banana bread at home with your friends and family & even share with your colleagues (if you have any left!)