Dirty Clean - Oatmilk Coffee


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Product Expiry: 09/02/2023

Dirty Clean Food Oat Milk  is a dairy free milk alternative, helping you squeeze every last drop of goodness out of your day. Dirty Clean Food Oat Milk is naturally delicious - it is vegan friendly, sugar and preservative-free and contains no GMOs.

As the only plant-based milk in the world that is carbon-neutral certified and made using Western Australian (WA) oats, when you buy Dirty Clean Food Oat Milk, you are choosing to load up on nutrients, show up for your community and step up for the planet.

Right at home on your granola, in your smoothie, your baking or your latte, Dirty Clean Food Oat Milk slots quietly and conveniently into your fridge and your lifestyle.

  • Vegan
  • Carbon-neutral
  • GMO-free
  • Barista friendly