Holiday Event - Fun & Brunch Day


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Celebrate this festive season with Everyday Vegan Fun & Brunch Day.

Perks of the ticket-holders:

1. Morning Yoga Session with Ru! @teoyanru
2. Vegan Buffet Brunch from @TheBreakfastClubSg
3. A Free Door Gift with $20 worth of vegan candies and cookies
4. 10% store-wide discount voucher so you can stock up on your favourite Christmas goodies!

Get 10% OFF when you buy 2 or more tickets, with discount code <EVHOLIDAY>.

Enjoy a morning of introductory yoga with our favorite instructor, Ru!  Wake up your body in all the right ways! Start slowly with sun salutations, enjoy a few quick stretches and lunges, and wind down with some meditative breathing exercises.

After you have eased into the morning, join us at our deli where we will have prepared the most magnificent vegan brunch buffet spread you have ever seen. It will be full of color and deliciousness. We have artisanal cheeses, ancient grain crackers, fresh organic fruits and nuts, and a hearty pesto organic rice bowl, made by our friends at the Breakfast Club!

Bonus - Every ticket holder is entitled to a 10% sitewide discount! A discount code will be given to you via digital ticket. By then, you can shop for your holiday groceries and enjoy huge savings!


- Buffet will be an ‚Äėassisted‚Äô buffet in accordance with covid-safe practices.
- All you can eat until we run out! But we promise enough to feed everyone!
- While Ru is a certified Yoga instructor, the session is only meant for leisure and not meant to be instructional.
- Bring a change of clothes and something to wipe yourself down! There are NO shower facilities. We keep it casual at our deli so you can come down in your sporting attire.
- Discount voucher is only 1 time use, can't be stacked and valid only until 31 Dec.