FIX AND FOGG - Gourmet Coffee and Maple 275g


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 The breakfast of champions. Coffee and Peanut Butter – together at last.

Our Coffee and Maple peanut butter is made by blending our Smooth PB with Supreme Coffee’s Supreme Blend. We then add a touch of pure Canadian Maple syrup. The sweetness helps tie together the creaminess of the peanut butter and the coffee punch.

  • YOU’LL TASTE THE DIFFERENCE - We use real coffee from Coffee Supreme, maple syrup, golden roasted hi-oleic peanuts, with a pinch of New Zealand sea salt. Our pure and delicious Coffee & Maple peanut butter is vegetarian, keto and paleo friendly and GMO-free.
  • GOOD FOR YOU - We only source the best ingredients to bring you a delicious, nutritious and healthy peanut butter. Our coffee and maple peanut butter is low in sugar. There is absolutely no palm oil in our peanut butter.
  • LOVE NATURAL AND DELICIOUS? - Well, you’ve come to the right place! We make Fix & Fogg Coffee and Maple peanut butter by blending our smooth peanut butter with premium Coffee and Canadian Maple Syrup. Try this nut butter spread on toast, dollop it on pancakes or ice cream, or (like us) eat it straight off the spoon for a quick fix.
  • HANDMADE IN NEW ZEALAND- Your gourmet peanut butter has been made by an award-winning small team of peanut butter makers in Wellington, New Zealand. We’re completely hands-on throughout the entire process to ensure you get the best artisan peanut butter in the world.