Hungry Planet - Chicken Southwest Chipotle Patty 4Oz


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Product Expiry: 20/03/2022

Hungry Planet Chicken™ Southwest Chipotle Patties are made with premium plant-based meat that matches the taste and texture of conventional chicken. Chef-crafted to be delicious and healthful, Hungry Planet Chicken™ Southwest Chipotle Patties can be served as a burger, sliced and used as burrito filling or salad topping, or in a cold grab and go sandwich. Packed with protein and fiber, with fewer calories and less fat (no trans fat) than conventional and competitor products, they’re a healthful way to be kinder to our planet.

  • Lower in fat, no trans fats and fewer calories.
  • No antibiotics. No cholesterol. Non-GMO.
  • Packed with protein and fiber.