Innerfyre Co - Bali Essential Oil Roll-On Perfume


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The Bali Essential Oil Roll-On Perfume combines all the fragrances you would come to expect on your tropical island getaway. With beautiful citrus trees at your back, the open sea in front of you, and a peaceful burning incense all around, relax into a blissful meditation retreat.

Lime Essential Oil:

As refreshing as cool lime water on a bright summer’s day, the smell of lime essential oil is sweet, tart, intense and lively. This stimulating and energising fragrance is the perfect complement to your Bali beach vacation. 

Black Pepper Essential Oil:

Meanwhile, the spicy, musky and herbaceous undertones of the black pepper essential oil provide a comforting yet energising scent to the blend. Among the known black pepper benefits and black pepper essential oil uses are its applications for the digestive and nervous systems.

Coconut Essential Oil:

Completing your island experience is the coconut essential oil. With the numerous and widely-known coconut oil benefits, you can’t help but inhale more of that relaxing, tropical scent that calms the mind and soothes the soul.