Innerfyre Co - Black Forest Essential Oil Roll-On Perfume


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The Black Forest Essential Oil Roll-On Perfume combines all the fragrances you would come to expect on a journey to the land of fairy tales — the evergreen forests of Germany.

Wintergreen Essential Oil:

With a strong, penetrating and minty aroma, the wintergreen oil can elevate, open and increase awareness in the sensory system. Among the well-known wintergreen essential oil uses is its cortisone-like action when it comes to alleviating pain in muscles and bones. 

Chamomile Essential Oil:

As comforting as a cup of chamomile tea, the scent of the chamomile essential oil has a rich, tenacious, cocoa-like herbaceous intensity. It is said to have the ability to soothe and clear the mind — helping you to create an atmosphere of peace and patience. 

Cedar Essential Oil:

Completing your trip to the Black Forest is the aroma from the “Tree of Life”. With a distinct woodsy scent of the cedar wood, the cedar essential oil is very calming. It’s no wonder it has been used to enhance spiritual awareness in meditation practices all over the world.