La Valletta - Orzo Perlato (Barley) 500g


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La Valletta is a family-run company in Umbria that works in a sustainable manner to produce exceptional grains and legumes. Alessandro and Rosalba Cappelletti are a brother and sister team dedicated to the preservation of plants native to the Colfiorito Plateau on the border of Umbria and Marche. This is a region of wide green plateaus and rolling planes.

Lentils , chickpeas , farro, white "Purgatorio" beans, cicerchia , pearled barley - orzo perlato and borlotti beans are all cornerstones of rural Umbrian cuisine.

These whole grains and beans can be appreciated for their nutty flavors and health benefits. Use in stand alone soups, grain salads or stews... peasant food turned into fancy food.