Touch The Toes - Lean Yoga Bolster, Fuchsia


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Approximately half a full-sized bolster, this lean version helps with shoulders and chest opening, as well as to gently lengthen out the spine (cervical, thoracic, lumbar). It is perfectly-sized for lumbar support or under the knees. Use it also to replace blocks in asanas for greater comfort (eg. pigeon pose).

This essential restorative yoga prop helps you relax, in order for the parasympathetic nervous system to re-engage and the central nervous system to reset. Compact and light, with a carry-handle for easy mobility.

L 62 x B 15 x H 10 cm, 0.9kg

Made with  Cotton blended fabric for complete skin comfort. This plush fabric does not 'pill' or flake and is machine-washable, for hygiene and longevity. Every bolster is hand-stuffed with 100% natural kapok, that is much lighter than cotton, yet dense at the same time, giving you just-right body support without being too hard or rigid.

No Harmful Stuff  100% natural.

Sustainability  The Kapok tree is much easier to grow and uses much less water resources than cotton. Made in Malaysia; with significantly reduced carbon footprint from transportation. 

Comfort This lean bolster has a velvety skinfeel, and is a very light 0.9 kg with a sturdiness that will not collapse over time.

Care Instruction  Machine washable outer cover for hygiene.