Mekhala - Himalayan Pink Salt - Fine Grain 220g


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Product Expiry: 07/12/2027

Pure, hand-mined pink salt that is derived from ancient sea salt deposits in the Himalayas, Himalayan pink salt is widely regarded as the purest, cleanest, most mineral-rich salt in the world and contains up to 84 beneficial minerals/elements, such as calcium, potassium, iodine and iron. Our gourmet-grade fine grain Himalayan pink salt is ideal for cooking and spa applications. Sustainably harvested, rich in minerals, unprocessed, no anti-caking agents, bleaching agents, additives or chemical ingredients: 100-percent Pure Himalayan Pink Salt.

This gourmet-grade and mineral-rich Himalayan Pink Salt is suitable for both culinary and spa applications. It is known as the world’s purest salt, containing up to 84 beneficial minerals, such as calcium, potassium and iron

It is sustainably harvested, unprocessed and contains no anti-caking agents, bleaching agents, chemical ingredients and additives.