Mekhala - Organic Shallot & Kaffir Lime Dressing/Sauce/Marinade, 250ml


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Product Expiry: 22/06/2023

Filipino-inspired sauce and dressing that is amazing as a vinaigrette or to marinade proteins for stews and roasting. Tangy, savoury and full of umami flavour. Add onions to create a rich adobo stew or use on its own in a leafy salad

An everyday vinaigrette-style dressing made with fresh shallots and a sprinkle of chopped kaffir lime leaves. Inspired by sun-drenched holidays in the Philippines. Perfect with both Asian or Western salads, as a stir fry sauce or marinade (adobo anyone?)

* Certified organic ingredients
* Vegan
* No artificial preservatives, colours or flavours
* No refined sugar
* Gluten-free
* Nut-free