My Naked Bar - Turmeric Sunrise Soap


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A delightfully refreshing bar.

This beautiful ombre soap bar, handcrafted with organic turmeric contains curcumin known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that bring out the natural glow from the skin while it soothes troubled skin conditions.

The bar nourishes with avocado oil and is naturally scented with lemongrass and sweet orange essential oil

Best for: Users seeking gentle cleansing with anti-inflammatory properties.

My Naked Bar Soaps are bare of sulphates, paraben, palm, preservatives, synthetic fragrances, and artificial coloring. 

All our soaps are vegan and handcrafted from scratch, so every bar is unique.

100g when crafted. Every bar is cured for a minimum of 4 weeks, during which the weight reduces gradually by 20% for the bar to become longer-lasting and more enjoyable.