Nature's Charm - Banana Blossom in Brine 510g


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Looking for one of a kind unique meat alternative, try our Banana Blossom to re-create vegan Fish & Chips - it'll be life changing for fellow vegans! Made from the finest selection of quality Thai produce, carefully picked in season and packed fresh to deliver the perfect meat substitute

The great vegan meat alternative, it has an awesome texture that's suitable for every dish that make it stand out for creating your own vegan "fish" recipes. Lightly seasoned but versatile for you to season as needed for all your favorite recipes, it's naturally gluten-free, and gives you a unique new way to make your recipes with an interesting new plant-based ingredient not commonly found!

Packed in brine without any added sugars, it's the perfect way to have this exotic ingredient handy for experimenting in your own recipes, or, for having that "missing ingredient" from many of the unique vegan recipes that have come about over the past few years.