Nature's Glory - Coconut Oil (Neutral Flavoured) For Cooking


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Product Expiry: 31/12/2022

Neutral Flavour

Nature’s Glory Coconut Oil (Neutral Flavour) is certified Organic, from fresh Organic Coconuts which are grown in the beautiful country of the Philippines.

For some of us who are not used to the full aroma and flavour of Coconut Oil, our Coconut Oil (Neutral Flavour) makes a great alternative.

Great oil for cooking as it has a high smoke point. It does not leave grease on the stove, kitchen cabinets and floor.

We use this Coconut Oil for baking too, a wonderful alternative to dairy products in our bakes.

There are many uses of coconut oil, like oil pulling, make-up removal, sunscreen lotion, add into beverages or drinking it neat for health and many more uses. Coconut Oil can be used as a moisturiser for dry skin. It helps soothe psoriasis and eczema.

Coconut oil melts at 24 degrees C.
Store in a cool place after opening