Nino Nana - Premium Tape Diapers


At Nino Nana, we believe a better world starts at home. Product of Singapore: Nino Nana Eco-Conscious Diapers are designed in Singapore for premium comfort and with respect to the environment. Made with Totally Chlorine-Free sustainable cellulose and the safest premium materials verified by international certifications. Free of toxins, parabens, phthalates, fragrances, lotions, lead, mercury and other heavy metals. Functionality Beyond Your Expectations: Nothing absorbs like Dual Core Technology 2.0. Dry throughout the night so you and your baby can get some actual sleep. Premium comfort: Air-through breathable back sheet to keep the delicate skin dry and 3D ultra-soft top sheet for premium comfort. Ultra thin with ergonomic design, incredibly high-waisted to prevent the dreaded blow-out from your babyโ€™s bottom and back. Funky Designs are printed with water-based ink and add even more cuteness to childhood and parenthood. Ethical and Vegan. No animal testing: No, thank you! Produced at facilities certified by ISO 9001 quality management systems and ISO 14001 ecological management systems standards. Member of 1% for the Planet.

Size: New Born (up to 4kg)
New Born (up to 4kg)
Small (4-6kg)
Medium (6-10kg)
Large (9-13kg)
Design: Birds
Gold Fish