OASIS Beauty Kitchen - Damask Rose Facial Toner Mist - 40ml


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A classic made from organic roses grown in Bulgaria's Valley of roses, just south of the Balkan Mountains. This mist works as a wonderfully scented toner to tighten pores and balance the skin’s PH. It is great for soothing acne inflammation, wounds and sunburn. We have 2 rose varieties available in store!

What is it

This alcohol-free blend has been created out of 100% pure ingredients, harvested responsibly from nature. Suitable for pregnancy and nursing.

What it does

Soothing sensitive skin and balance out skin's pH.


Damask Rose: Extracted from the petals of the classic Red Rose.

Alba Rose: This luxurious rose water is made from rare White Roses, and has a more honeyed scent compared to red roses.

Intense fresh rose scent

All, including sensitive