OASIS Beauty Kitchen - Head to Toe Magic Powder Wash - Cocoa Scrub 25g


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Just add water to watch the powder turn to foam! This is a gentle daily powder wash that can be used as a shampoo, facial and body wash. Made with gentle cleansing agents, natural actives and organic essential oils, this vegan cleanser will provide a smooth creamy lather to help lift off daily grime and leave your skin and hair smooth and silky. This is so handy, you can bring it everywhere with you. Even on the plane! Made with 100% plant-based ingredients in our Beauty Kitchen. Bring the bottle back for refills!

Cocoa Scrub: Coconut + Lime X FOSSA Chocolate

If dousing yourself in chocolate sounds messy to you, don't worry - this one actually leaves you sparkling clean after you're done! Made with upcycled cocoa husks (the outer shell of the cocoa bean - a by-product of the process of making chocolate), this luxurious cleansing scrub will gently buff away dry skin while smelling like a delicious vacay-inspired dessert. A must-have for Chocolate addicts!

As a face & body scrub¬†‚Äď Rich in antioxidants, the crushed cocoa bits work like magic on buffing away dead skin cells, leaving your skin enviously¬†toned and glowy.

As a scalp scrub¬†‚Äď yes it‚Äôs a thing! A regular scalp scrub will help to unclog product build up in your pores and increase scalp circulation to promote hair growth.