OASIS Beauty Kitchen - Miniature Solid Shampoos Set - Tea


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A collection of our bestselling vegan solid shampoos but in bite sizes! Perfect sampler set for trying out all of our shampoos before committing to the full size! Each shampoo canele will last between 10-20 washes.

Our Solid Shampoo collection is specially handcrafted to suit the specific needs of different hair types and concerns. We carefully select plant-based active ingredients in each formulation to gently rinse off impurities and product build-up without disrupting the scalp's natural balance. 

The shampoo is wrapped in a FSC-certified compostable paper printed with soy ink.

This set contains;

Blue Pea Lemongrass - Brewed with Blue Pea flowers

Uji Matcha - Incorporated with aromatic Matcha Green Tea powder from Kyoto

Uji Hojicha - Incorporated with aromatic Hojicha Roasted Green Tea powder from Kyoto

Rose & Thyme - Brewed with Jasmine Tea