Oatside - Barista Blend Oat Milk 1L (Box of 12)


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Most people think plant milks taste “kinda weird”. Well, this is a plant milk for most people – get ready to have your mind/tastebuds blown.

You’ll find packed in OATSIDE Barista Blend 1L:

  • 100% plant-based, no saturated fats, lactose-free, no added sugar
  • Roasted Australian oats, no added-flavors, gums, emulsifiers.
  • 70% less emissions, 95% less water, and 80% less land use than dairy milk
  • Froths to create the silkiest, densest microfoam for latte art.

Oh, it’s also ridiculously malty. Like, so nuttily good that you can totally have it on its own too.


Oat Base (Water, Oats (10%)), Canola Oil, Acidity Regulator (Dipotassium Phosphate), Calcium Carbonate, Sea Salt. This product contains oat Which may contain traces amount of gluten.