OmniEat Siu Mai (6 pieces, 90g)


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Product Expiry: 11/10/2023

A vegan rendition of the iconic Hong Kong dim sum, the juicy and chewy OmniEat Siu Mai is beautifully enclosed with natural turmeric-coloured wrapper instead of artificial coloring. Irresistably tasty plant-based siu mai with juicy filling of OmniPork, shiitake mushroom and water chestnut. Each serving portion of 6 pieces only contains 144kcal, which is 23% less calories than traditional siu mai with pork in Chinese restaurants*, providing a lighter option of the perennial favourite. 0mg cholesterol & 0mg trans fat. OmniEat Siu Mai provides a good source of protein with no added MSG and preservatives. It’s Cruelty-Free and Buddhist-friendly