Omnimeat - All Purpose Plant Based Minced Meat 230g


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Product Expiry: 10/12/2023

OmniMeat, is designed to be an all-purpose plant-based meat that is nutritional superior and environmentally friendly. OmniMeat is developed by Right Treat, a food tech company launched by Green Monday. Our experienced canada-based R&D team had developed this food innovation by extensive research on Asian cuisines and culinary practices.

OmniMeat is an all-purpose solution of Green Monday, as a diversified and innovative social enterprise model, to promote shifting to plant-based diet as a crucial mean to tackle global warming and food insecurity.

Each 100g of OmniMeat contains 0mg cholesterol and 4.4g dietary fiber. Compared with uncooked regular ground meat (84% lean), the calorie, saturated fat and cholesterol content of Omnimeat are 65%, 70% and 100% lower respectively. (Reference: USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference)