Omnituna - Plant-based Tuna Style Flakes in oil, 100g


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Made from a unique blend of non-GMO soy, OmniTuna does not compromise on taste and texture. As a safe, mercury-free and healthy alternative, this plant-based tuna is just as convenient as traditional canned tuna. An ambient product that you can stock on your shelves, OmniTuna is ready as soon as you open the can. Soaked in canola oil and algae oil, OmniTuna provides omega-3s commonly found in deep sea fish (450mg of omega-3 ALA and 120mg of omega-3 DHA per 100g), with a polyunsaturated fat content comparable to canned tuna*. OmniTuna is also high in protein, a source of fiber, low in saturated fat, zero cholesterol, Buddhist-friendly, and free from artificial colourings, added hormones, antibiotics, and preservatives, making it a sustainable, nutritious and palatable tuna substitute.