Bernadette de Lavernette - Apricot with Almond 250g


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Product Expiry: 02/10/2023

Ethically & Sustainable Sourced
Support small farmers in Madagascar to encourage environment-friendly agriculture and reward their hard work fairly

Premium Quality
Handpicked Non-GMO, eco-friendly grown and vine-ripe fruits, herbs, and spices

No Nasties
100% natural. No additive. No preservative

Mindful Production
Based on secret royal family recipes and honing the traditional French craftsmanship in the EU HACCP kitchen. Purely Artisanal from production to packaging

Loved & Endorsed by 3 Star Michelin Chefs
Appreciated by 3 Star Michelin Chefs like Joel Robuchon, Georges Blanc, Paul Bocuse and etc.

Honors & Awards
The winner of “ Prix Special” and “ Excellence Internationale” at Salon du Chocolat Paris. Our founder, Brigitte, is inducted as a Talented Producer by Disciples D’Auguste Escoffier.

Brand Story

Posh Pantry is a brand that believes in using only the finest ingredients to create their 100% natural artisan jams. Each jam is handcrafted in small batches with premium quality vine ripe fruits, herbs, and spices, ensuring that every jar is bursting with flavor. With a commitment to quality and authenticity, Posh Pantry offers a truly exceptional jam experience for the discerning palate.