Remedy Sodaly Soft Drink Lemon Lime Bitters, 250ml


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Product Expiry: 08/06/2024

An old-time favourite, packed with real lemon, lime and botanicals. Fresh-as flavour and oh-so-aromatic.

Sodaly is Remedy's new super tasty, better-for you soft drink.

A classy hand-crafted take on traditional Lemon, Lime & Bitters made for good times with no sugar, for real. Fresh lemon and lime is paired with aromatic clove and cinnamon for a full flavoured and elegant soft drink. Breezy, refreshing and sophisticated, this sparky little number is perfect on its own or used as a mixer.

- Full of flavour
- No sugar
- All-natural ingredients
- Made with prebiotic acv
- Low calorie