Savyll - Alcohol Free Gin & Tonic 250ml


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Discovered Savyll ready mixed cocktails yet? You need to try these amazing alcohol-free cocktails!

ALL READY MIXED, 1000% win-win! We got you, your colleagues, family, friends and the non-alcoholic drinkers covered

The Gin & Tonic, a timeless classic is reborn with delicate gin botanicals, hints of coriander, vanilla, sweet herbs, and smooth tonic bitterness…and zero alcohol or hangovers.

The classy man behind the Savyll brand has produced these traditional favourite mixed cocktails including G&T’s, Moscow Mules, Mojito, Bellini and more. That’s why this is a classic, confident and convenient award-winning brand.

All natural and low sugar. We love them with a big ice-cube and a slice of lime. 

  • Alcohol-Free. Ready to drink. Best served super chilled

  • Savyll Cocktails are made from all-natural flavours and extracts, with less than 5g per 100ml of natural cane sugar.

  • Free of artificial sweeteners and flavourings, vegan friendly. gluten-free, and best of all, alcohol-free