Stitches and Tweed - Jute Hanging Basket - Various sizes


Hanging baskets are made of jute. You can store onions, potato, apple, garlic, nuts or fruits in this hanging baskets. These baskets are really decorative and natural. This is a natural eco-friendly material.

Set of baskets also good as a plant holder. You can put other materials according to your needs.

Brand Story

Stitches and Tweed is a home decor brand founded by a husband and wife team who started with designing cushions in 2015. The brand has now expanded to offer lifestyle products, including home organizers, wall decor, rattan pieces, and nursery decor. They believe that home decor should reflect personal style and bring comfort, and they aim to offer trendy and sustainable products to help customers create the lifestyle they desire. The brand is committed to making conscious choices in product selection to promote eco-friendliness.