TREK - Protein Nut Bar Dark Chocolate & Orange


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Loaded with protein-rich peanuts, whole almonds, a zesty kick of orange and dark chocolate, this special protein nut bar is filled with gorgeous vegan ingredients that pack some serious flavour. All this, without the added preservatives and additives, proving that nature is sweet enough as it is!

We have created this bar to ensure that you are provided with the energy you need to get you through the day. If you need to prepare yourself for a long day ahead or just need a little pick me up along the way, we have utilised nature’s finest ingredients to provide you with a gorgeous tasty bar. 

Our nutty bar also includes dark chocolate to provide an indulgent taste that is complemented by natural orange flavouring, which includes 10g of protein and less than 5g of sugar, providing you with all the slow release energy you need to keep your active lifestyle going. If you are loving our protein nut bars, then have a look at our other flavours including our coconut and raspberry protein nut bar and our blueberry and pumpkin seed protein nut bar.