Vegusto - No Moo Mildly Aromatic 200g


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Like its name suggests this vegan, non-dairy alternative to cheese is deliciously mild, aromatic with a natural cheese flavor. The No-Moo, mildly-aromatic is a pale yellow and semisoft vegan cheese similar to ‘Gouda’. Although it is without garlic it is truly cheesy.

No-Moo, mildly-aromatic grates and slices well and an excellent cheese in salads or as a snack on a cracker The No-Moo soften when heated and yet won’t melt. On Macaroni cheese or Gratins it forms a delicious golden-brown crust.

The vegan No-Moo Mild-aromatic is dairy-free and therefore cholesterol-free, lactose-free, casein-free, and free of all animal-based ingredients. Vegusto's plant-based ‘cheeses’ contain no artificial colorings, aroma, or preservatives and are not tested on animals. The No-Moo range is suitable for deep-freezing except for the No-Moo Melty.

All of the dairy-free No-Moo cheeses are certified vegan by the UK Vegan Society.