Everyday Vegan Journey

Miyoko's Creamery | "Milk plants, not cows."

Amanda TengAug 20, '21

Miyoko’s Creamery: an Everyday Vegan Exclusive. The Future of Plant Dairy is Here! 💚 For details on the August Raffle Contest, scroll down! ⬇️ The story… Miyoko Schienner, the founder and owner of Miyoko’s Creamery, pioneer in vegan cheese and butter 🧀, was a huge inspiration to me in starting Everyday...

Everyday Vegan's Mission, Vision and Pledge Announcement Video

Amanda TengMar 3, '21

Get a glimpse of  our first video explaining how we envision Everyday Vegan, how we are striving for our three-year mission to create the Everyday Vegan Village ♻️ , our vision for a world without animal exploitation 🐖, and our donation pledge. 💰

Journey Towards Packaging-Free Fresh Produce

Amanda TengFeb 24, '21

Now, we are using both brown paper and plastic containers for storage. Although it is not the most visually pleasing for our grocery store, we believe that the benefit of eliminating plastic and paper packaging waste far outweighs the disadvantages 💚🌎

Envisioning the Everyday Vegan Village with Local Artist, Poposuseyssi

Amanda TengFeb 17, '21

Recently, I worked with Singaporean-based artist/doodler Suhana Zainal, who also goes by the name of Poposuseyssi. I was in awe. Somehow, Suhana managed to enter my head and see how I envisioned the Everyday Vegan Village will be!

Donation Pledge to ACRES

Amanda TengFeb 10, '21

In the month of January, we made a pledge to donate 1% of our sales to Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES). And with the success of the Veganuary Raffle Draw and your great support, we managed to raise $650

Our New Café Food Menu | Vegan Quesadillas!

Amanda TengJan 26, '21

As part of our 3-year mission to make the Everyday Vegan Village 🏡 🏡 a reality, I have been exploring and introducing food items 🍽️ on our café menu with the help of the Everyday Vegan team.

Dreaming of More Vegan Options for Every Restaurant

Amanda TengJan 20, '21

When we first moved to Grandstand, looking for vegan food options was such a hassle. There was basically zero vegan food in the area and it was quite a challenge for us to get our meals. Now things have changed! 🤩