Everyday Vegan Journey

We have moved to 43 Haji Lane! Grand Opening 30-31 July!

Amanda TengJul 17, '22

We have moved! What a week it has been! We said goodbye to our Grandstand Shop last Friday. It was a bittersweet day. Seeing the contractors demolish our beloved shop was sad, but we are SO incredibly excited to move into our new home at 43 Haji Lane and all the...

First tour of our future home! 🌈

Amanda TengJul 2, '22

[Transcript] Before the new store updates, I just have a quick message about our clearance sale!After our clearance day event last week, we still have a lot of stock! It got a bit busy on Saturday but Sunday was very quiet! So yes, we are still quite well stocked. For...

The Haji Lane Saga Continues! ✨

Amanda TengJun 11, '22

This has been a very, very dramatic week for us! Whew! And the drama still continues… 2 weeks ago, we thought we had found a new home for Everyday Vegan at Haji Lane. We signed the deposit cheque, signed the letter of intent and sent it to the owners. We...

Moving to Haji Lane and VIP𝑒𝒶 Pass Updates!

Amanda TengMay 28, '22

[Transcript] Hey everyone! Some of you may know that we have recently launched the VIPea pass. And some of you may also know that we are moving our shop to Haji Lane. What you may not know is I had a bet with my hubby that I would only move...

Moving soon!

Amanda TengMay 21, '22

We love everyone that we met during our short stay at the Grandstand Mall and we will miss you 💚. This was an incredibly difficult decision. We have a lot of warm sentiments for this location, having spent the better part of the last 18 months stocking shelves, making coffees...

Make your ‘Drop in the Ocean’ choice this Earth Day

Amanda TengApr 22, '22

Today, on Earth Day, as we browse our socials and read the news, we may end up spending a bit more time than usual thinking about climate change. Thoughts about rising sea levels, coral bleaching, droughts, and unpredictable and dangerous weather may fill us with anxiety and fear. Instead of...

Launching our premium membership: Everyday Vegan VIPea Pass!

Amanda TengApr 16, '22

Introducing the VIPea Pass – Your ticket to affordable vegan groceries. Sign up here! Vegan groceries continue to be expensive. It’s a fact, no matter how you debate it. Meat, seafood, cheese, dairy and even conventional sweets and snacks are still so much cheaper than the vegan alternative. So, what happens? Typically,...

Launching Our Very Own Scoop Station

Amanda TengFeb 26, '22

It wasn’t until early this year, when we started brainstorming new projects for Everyday Vegan, that we thought about the scoop station again. 🤔 This time, our plan was driven mainly by a desire to make vegan staples more affordable.