Everyday Vegan Journey

Month 1 update - Our First 5-figure Purchase Order 🤩

Amanda TengSep 6, '23

Hey Everyday Vegans! It's Amanda! I’m sure you've been curious about what we’ve been up to since the wrap-up of our crowdfunding campaign! First and foremost, my heartfelt apologies for the brief hiatus. The moment our project was greenlit, we jumped straight into research and negotiations. This meant we've been...

Preparing for Launch: The Everyday Vegan Discount Club 🚀 🌱

Amanda TengAug 5, '23

Hey there, beautiful Everyday Vegans! 🎉 We've done it! Our crowdfunding campaign is complete, and while we may have fallen short of our initial goal of $50K, we've gathered an incredible $34.2K in pre-sales of memberships to the Everyday Vegan Discount Club. (This includes a few generous contributions made outside...

Introducing Planet Points: Empowering Your Journey Towards a Kinder Lifestyle

Amanda TengJul 20, '23

At Everyday Vegan, our mission extends beyond just being a grocery store. We are dedicated to creating a community, a platform for anyone who wants to explore, start or enhance their journey towards a more compassionate lifestyle. Today, we are excited to unveil our innovative Planet Points program as part...

Help Us Reach 70%: A Special Community Reward Awaits!

Amanda TengJul 9, '23

Hey, Wonderful Everyday Vegans! Firstly, I wanted to thank you for joining us on this epic journey of ours. Earlier this week, I'd hoped that we would be able to reach 50% of our crowdfunding goal by this weekend. As we find ourselves at week's end, it's clear that we...

The Magic Behind the Kresho Bar

Amanda TengJul 8, '23

Greetings Everyday Vegans! 💚  Last evening, we were privileged to spend an evening with Kresho, the innovator behind the delicious Kresho Bar, and his lovely partner. What started as a casual meet-up transformed into an exciting, night-long conversation that was as insightful as it was inspiring. Kresho's company, the 'Desert Island...

Day 1 of Crowdfunding Journey: The Start of Something Extraordinary!

Amanda TengJul 1, '23

Welcome to the next level of vegan living with our Everyday Vegan Discount Club. Not only will you have access to a variety of carefully curated vegan groceries and essentials at wholesale prices, but you'll also be part of an innovative community, making strides towards a vegan-friendly future. We're using funds from our ongoing crowdfunding campaign to expand our catalogue, enhance our website, and provide even more value. Exclusive rewards are available for our backers, with different membership tiers to choose from. Existing VIP𝑒𝒶 members, we've got your transition covered with two straightforward options. Join us today and experience the vegan lifestyle at its best!

The Future is Vegan

Amanda TengJun 28, '23

At Everyday Vegan, we are guided by a single, powerful vision: a future where veganism is not just an alternative, but the norm. As we stand at the brink of a significant milestone, our crowdfunding campaign for the Everyday Vegan Discount Club, we wanted to take a moment to reflect...

Crowdfunding the Everyday Vegan Discount Club

Amanda TengJun 24, '23

Introducing the Everyday Vegan Discount Club! 🎉 Hello Everyday Vegans! 🎉 We are thrilled to unveil our next big adventure – the Everyday Vegan Discount Club! This exciting step in our journey is set to be a real gamechanger and will make vegan living more affordable and accessible than ever before. ...