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At Everyday Vegan, our commitment to veganism is primarily driven by ethical considerations. As a dedicated vegan grocer, we are proud to offer a range of products that align with these values. However, it's crucial for our customers to understand that while our products are vegan, this does not automatically mean they are free from all common allergens, such as dairy and eggs.

Our Approach to Allergen Information:

  • We categorize products based on the allergen information provided by manufacturers. This includes identifying products that are free from common allergens like gluten.
  • Despite our efforts to provide accurate allergen information, we cannot guarantee that all products are completely free from traces of dairy, eggs, or other allergens. Cross-contamination is a possibility, and not all products are certified allergen-free.

Important Considerations for Customers with Allergies:

  • Personal Responsibility: We urge all our customers, especially those with severe or life-threatening allergies, to exercise caution. It's essential to thoroughly review all product ingredients and allergen statements.
  • No Assumptions: Just because a product is vegan does not mean it's automatically safe for those with dairy, egg, or other allergies. Please do not assume safety without careful examination.
  • Consultation with Healthcare Professionals: If you have severe allergies, consult with a healthcare professional or allergist before trying new products.
  • Stay Informed: Manufacturers may change their ingredients or processing methods, so it's vital to regularly check product labels even if you've safely consumed the product in the past.

Our Commitment:

  • We are dedicated to providing as much allergen-related information as possible to assist our customers in making informed choices.
  • However, your safety is paramount. Please consume our products at your own risk, especially if you have known allergies.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in ensuring a safe shopping experience for everyone. For any specific inquiries or concerns regarding allergen information, please feel free to contact us.


Everyday Vegan Pte Ltd is committed to providing accurate and helpful allergen information for the products offered in our store. Please be aware that this information is based on details provided by our suppliers and the manufacturers of these products.

Important Points:

  • While we strive for accuracy, Everyday Vegan Pte Ltd shall not be held liable for any errors or omissions in the allergen information presented on our website or in our store.
  • We do not guarantee the absence of cross-contamination or the presence of specific allergens in any of our products. Consumers with allergies or sensitivities should exercise caution and are responsible for ensuring that any product they purchase and consume is safe for their specific needs.
  • We advise customers with severe or life-threatening allergies to consult healthcare professionals before consuming products purchased from our store.

Consumer Responsibility: By choosing to purchase and consume products from Everyday Vegan Pte Ltd, customers acknowledge and accept that they have the responsibility to review and understand the allergen information and ingredients of the products. It is the customer's responsibility to manage their health concerns and dietary needs.

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