First tour of our future home! 🌈

First tour of our future home! 🌈

Amanda Teng


Before the new store updates, I just have a quick message about our clearance sale!

After our clearance day event last week, we still have a lot of stock! It got a bit busy on Saturday but Sunday was very quiet! So yes, we are still quite well stocked. For this reason, we have opened up clearance sales for online deliveries too.

You just have to get a virtual ticket for $10 and it’s unlimited access to 20% storewide sales until 10 July! If you already purchased the ticket last week, then no worries, just DM me and I will give you access for free.

The $10 is just to cover our cost of deliveries (which are skyrocketing due to increase in fuel prices), and I assure you it’s well worth it! If you are a VIPea those discounts stack too so you can get up to 50% discounts, which makes it even more worthwhile!

Thank you for your support and I hope you can share the message with anyone who is looking for discount vegan groceries!

It is official! We are going to Haji Lane! Thank you to everyone who subscribed for our VIPea Pass AND GAVE us the confidence to make this big move! We are happy to say that we fully subscribed the first 100 Vipeas and we will be opening up more slots after our move! Thanks to all you beautiful people for supporting us.

Our move date is 14 July, but we will be mainly operating only for deliveries for 2 weeks, while we fully set up the place, and then officially opening on the weekend of 30-31 July!

Im actually here at the shop now! 43 Haji Lane and thought to show you a tour of the place. Welcome to the future home of everyday vegan. Market, deli and grocer!

Here we are on the first floor, and we just finished some hacking and we will be pouring cement screed to level the floor! This entire area will be retail and then there will be a small deli in the back for fast food takeaways!

We are going to be doing very minimal work to this place. We need to conserve capital to bring in more products to serve all of you beautiful people better.

But I did have an idea to inlay the floor with ceramic tiles with vegan art. And probably paint a mural on one wall. If anyone of you are feeling inspired to create vegan themed art, please dm me!

I’m walking now toΒ second floor! Here we will be setting up a small marketplace for vegan fashion and lifestyle products! I’m thinking of handbags, accessories, shoes, body care, cosmetics and so on. This is in line with our new direction to becoming a market, deli and grocer. We want to take care of all your vegan lifestyle needs and VIPeas will get to enjoy huge discounts on all our catalog.

This is the third floor or loft. There is a cute little balcony here. I intend for this floor to be my office, meeting room… but from experience I’m fairly sure it will eventually turn into a store room!

With the move in 2 weeks, we now have more time to clear our stock and renovate this place. There’s a lot of work to be done but I’m sure we can do it.

That's it! Thank you so much for joining me on this short tour of our new home. I cannot wait to welcome all of you here. Don't forget to head over to our website for clearance bargains. I promise you will get to enjoy some really awesome discount groceries.

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