Help Us Reach 70%: A Special Community Reward Awaits!

Help Us Reach 70%: A Special Community Reward Awaits!

Amanda Teng

Hey, Wonderful Everyday Vegans!

Firstly, I wanted to thank you for joining us on this epic journey of ours. Earlier this week, I'd hoped that we would be able to reach 50% of our crowdfunding goal by this weekend. As we find ourselves at week's end, it's clear that we still have a ways to go. But do we fret? Absolutely not. Because just like switching to vegan lifestyle, it's all about setting realistic expectations and adjusting the course as we go.

So, here's the new plan! We're going to aim a bit higher and strive a bit longer. By the end of the second week (that’s 15th July, mark your calendars), we are setting our sights on 70% of our goal. That's 35k. Ambitious? Sure. But I believe that with your help, we can get there.

And what's more, if we hit this very, very important milestone, we'll be announcing an exciting new community prize! Can you feel the suspense? We will be hosting a Backer’s Gathering on 16 July, at our community space, Leafy Lounge (43 Haji Lane, 3rd floor). As an icing on the vegan cake, we're also arranging an exclusive performance by the amazingly talented, plant-fuelled indie songwriter, lewloh (@lewloh). This is something I am super excited about and I know you would be too.

Now you might wonder, why is it crucial for you to take action now? Good momentum is vital for a public crowdfunding campaign, particularly in a market category (vegan food) that's recently facing much scepticism from investors and businesses.Β  Remember, we are the first vegan food and lifestyle brand to crowdfund, and your support helps prove that there is a powerful vegan movement here in Singapore!

I have been asked about the implications of not reaching our goal. And it's a fair question. We opted for a 'flexible goal', which means we can still utilise the funds even if we don't reach the target. But we've decided that unless we hit at least 80% of our goal, we won't proceed with the project. We want to make the vegan club big and inclusive enough to truly engage flexitarians and non-vegans in our community, and to do that we need a certain amount of capital. If we don't hit that 80% mark, all amounts will be refunded back to our backers.

So, we need your support.

Creating a vegan discount club will make veganism more accessible and affordable for everyone, and help flexitarians to eat more plant-based foods more often. This will signal to the supply chain that there's strong demand from the vegan community, making it more vegan-friendly! Our tagline is making vegan living an effortless choice for everyone, and this is our life’s mission.

For those who have already backed us, thank you! Your support means the world to us. If you're eager to help further, share our mission with your friends and family, like our posts, drop us a comment, help get our message out. Every little action helps a lot.

We know that times are tough, and changes are scary. But with the backing of our community, we can make this dream come true. We're eager to continue this journey with all of you, and can't wait to see where it takes us!

Stay lovely,
Amanda 🌈 πŸ’šΒ 

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