Moving to Haji Lane and VIP𝑒𝒢 Pass Updates!

Moving to Haji Lane and VIP𝑒𝒢 Pass Updates!

Amanda Teng


Hey everyone! Some of you may know that we have recently launched the VIPea pass. And some of you may also know that we are moving our shop to Haji Lane.

What you may not know is I had a bet with my hubby that I would only move if I could get 100 people to sign up for the VIP𝑒𝒢 pass. We are currently 70% subscribed for our first batch of 100 VIPeas, and I am so grateful for everyone's support so far (you know who you are!) But it seems like I'm stuck and not getting any more sign ups!

So here I am, appealing in-person, explaining and hoping that you will help me get our 100 VIPeas fully subscribed!

Everyday Vegan is about helping people make kinder choices everyday. But I admit, from experience, it is hard to go and stay committed to a vegan lifestyle long-term; especially if you have a family, and you need to make sure that you and your loved ones are getting all the necessary nutrients while keeping meals tasty and interesting. And the biggest problem of all? The COST of vegan groceries. YIKES! You pay 30-50% more on a vegan alternative compared to regular non-vegan items! I've been vegan for more than a decade, and I've always been a huge bargain hunter for this very reason! You have to be, in order to stay vegan and not break the bank!

Now imagine, if every day was bargain day at Everyday Vegan. Wouldn't that be amazing? You can get snacks, ice creams, chocolates, plant meats, milks and cheeses at forever sale prices! You won't ever have to 'miss' a favourite food again because you can actually regularly afford it!

That's what the VIPea membership is all about. For a small fee of only $16.90 a month, or $15 a month if you prepay for the year, you get instant access to wholesale prices on the widest selection of vegan groceries. We have discounts up to 30% and more when you stack it up with our regular sales and clearance prices. And if it’s not the lowest price, you just let me know, and I will price match and give you a gift voucher for helping me correct it.

And if that's not enough to convince you, as a special thank you to the first 100 VIPπ‘’π’Άπ“ˆ, I am welcoming all of you with a goodie bag containing over $100 worth of FREE, delicious and tasty vegan food. We are moving anyway, so I figured to upsize the goodie bags and save on my moving costs.

Its a fantastic deal... if i do say so myself.

I've received this question a lot, so I want to clarify to you today: the VIPea subscription period starts only from the time you make your first order, and it's totally okay if you want to pause when you travel or have other commitments. I get it. We all have the travel bug.

So book your slot now before its gone. We only have 30 left. And it is going to be a few months before I open another subscription round.

Join our mission to help everyone make kinder choices, everyday!

And help me win that bet with my hubby, so that we can move Everyday Vegan to Haji Lane.

If you want to get a VIPea pass, DM me, and I will send you the order link. Thank you for listening.

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