We Have A Date!

We Have A Date!

Amanda Teng

Hello Everyday Vegans!

I wanted to take a moment to update all of you on our exciting journey, especially about some pivotal updates surrounding our launch timeline. Our goal was initially set on unveiling our grand launch by mid-October. However, as is the way of the world, there has been a minor hiccup—one of our key shipments is experiencing a slight delay. But, as always, we're ready to pivot and ensure our promises are kept.

The Soft Launch Special on 15th October

We are still dedicated to opening on 15th October. While the grand opening will take a tad longer, we're excited to announce a special soft launch on the 15th of October. And when we say 'partial', we're still talking about a whopping 100+ new products scheduled to arrive on our shelves in the upcoming three weeks!

Marking World Vegan Day with Our Grand Launch

The universe does have a sense of timing. All indications point towards our grand launch aligning with World Vegan Day on 1st November. This date carries sentimental weight for us. It was this very day, back in 2020, when we inaugurated our pioneering Everyday Vegan store at the Grandstand Mall.

Sneak Peek into Our Catalogue

October promises an array of vegan delights. A standout product to watch for is the 'Just Egg Scramble', set to be priced like never before in Singapore. Moreover, we're gearing up to introduce some spectacular vegan and vegetarian delights that even we've been eagerly anticipating. 

Join Everyday Vegan Discount Club

For those of you yet to sign up, the Everyday Vegan Discount Club awaits with open arms. And a reminder for all—only our members will have exclusive shopping access to the new discount club. This approach ensures we deliver unmatched pricing for an outstanding product range, ensuring you get the best possible experience.

In conclusion, a heartfelt thank you goes out to each and every one of you. The support, encouragement, and belief you've showered upon us is nothing short of magical. So, if you've been contemplating, now's the ideal moment to leap and reserve your spot with the Everyday Vegan Discount Club. Together, let's shape a vegan utopia.

Until our next update, stay passionate and always vegan-strong!

Love & Light 🌈 💚

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